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Welcome to ThePayton.Net

This domain is more of a placeholder for my own experiments than an informative web with lots of interesting data about me (Stephen) and my precious family (Becky, Evan & Andrew).

Very few of the visible pages change these days even though goodies in the background are constantly in flux. Insufficient time exists in my schedule to make this a really cool site.

Helping to raise two growing boys along with an unspoken commitment to my wife to "stay off the computer during family time," keeps me out of the office (that's where the machines live) and on the main level of our home from the end of my business day (typically) until the next day begins.

Every once in a while I'll update our family photo (shown here) or other photos within individual family member pages. I have other project concepts in-progress and when they are functional, you'll see links to those goodies in all the logical places.

I also update my web log occasionally when I see something of interest and remember to post a comment. My current plan is to make this site better whenever I get around to it . . . sound familiar?

So if you have suggestions on content to include here, please send an e-mail message to me using the address shown below:

Steve at ThePayton.Net

Thanks for visiting!